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April 11, 2017

News from the International Team Committee (ITC)

The 2016/17 ITC selection ended with the completion of the 20m Class Nationals at Narromine, and as usual Narromine turned on the full range of weather reaching over 15,000ft one day and scratchy south westerly conditions the next. As in this competition, all…
January 31, 2017
Andreas Lutz v3

Ventus 3 with Andreas Lutz at WGC Benalla

Austrian 18 M pilot and Schempp HIrth engineer Andreas Lutz talks about the Ventus 3 at WGC Benalla
January 31, 2017
V3 Launch

Ventus 3 Andreas Lutz Launch at WGC Benalla

Ventus3 Andreas Lutz, Austria flying the Ventus 3 at Benalla on 1 January 2017
January 31, 2017
Odonnell cockpit

WGC Benalla Cockpit video from Steve O'Donnell

Australian 15 m Class pilot flying from Benalla to the Victorian Apps on the official practice day.
January 24, 2017
Final Day Winners w

Champions Declared at WGC Benalla

Before the championship medals were awarded, the final day winners received their day win medals. Above Open Class Day winners 21 January Riccardo Brigliadori, 1st centre, Peter Szabo2nd left, Bruce Taylor 3rd right Champions Declared - Medals Awarded in…
December 20, 2016
SGP Winners


After six exciting races, the Australian Sailplane Grand Prix Champion is Australian Geoff Brown. Mark Tingey from New Zealand took 2nd place followed by Sean Fidler from the USA in 3rd place. Both Mark and Sean now head to Benalla where they will compete in…
December 19, 2016
Horsham Week Ian Grant

Horsham Week Competition

4 – 11 February 2017 Horsham Week is now accepting entries online at www.horshamweek.org.au/horsham-week Horsham has a long history as a fantastic competition, eminently suited for people new to competition. It runs immediately following the VSA coaching…
December 14, 2016

Sailplane Grand Prix Horsham - Day 1 Highlights

Day 1 of SGP Here is video from the evening debriefing and prizegiving given by Cpmpetition Director Tim Shirley. Brian DuRieu, Tim Wilson and Bill Gawthrop took the first three places
December 14, 2016
Horsham Livetrack D1

WGC Benalla entrants eclipsed by locals at SGP Horsham

After an exciting low-level race, Day 1 of SGP Horsham is over. Local Australian pilots Brian DuRieu and Tim Wilson took the first two places, followed by WGC Benalla entrants Bill Gawthrop from the USA and Brett Hunter from New Zealand. Low thick cloud made…
November 28, 2016


Ventus 3 WHAT GLIDER IS THAT? Some contestants are shipping gliders to Benalla that have never been seen in Australia before. Glider manufactures from around the world release new machines especially for World Championships, looking for victories to drive…
October 24, 2016
Adam Woolley

Multiclass Nationals Kingaroy

New Australian 15 Metre Class Champion Adam Woolley After ten competition days, new National Champions in four classes of competition were decided at Kingaroy on 21 October. Terry Cubley who competed in 15M Class and is WGC Benalla Championship Director said,…
July 12, 2016

Australia Nicola Scaife wins World hot air ballooning Championship

Nicola Scaife, 31, from Albury has successfully defended her Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) World Women’s Hot Air Balloon Champion title, winning the championship for the second time.Nicola has been competing in the 2nd FAI Women's World Hot Air…
July 08, 2016

Horsham Sailplane Grand Prix

8th Series Sailplane Grand Prix – Horsham Australia 14-22 December 2016 The first event in the 8th Series of the Sailplane Grand Prix will take place at Horsham in Victoria, This event will be held in the leadup to the 34 th World Gliding Championships at…
July 06, 2016

AGM and Annual Awards dinner 16 July

Saturday 16 July is a big day on the GFA calendar. Join us at The Annual General Meeting starting at 5:15pm. The Annual Awards dinner follows at 6:30pm which is a great chance to enjoy some wonderful company and hear from our guest speaker AIRMSHL Geoff Brown…
May 28, 2016
Andy Davis BBC

Team Britain off to a Great Start for WGC2017 Benalla

Andy Davis - BBC Following on from the entries received from the highly experienced Dutch team, the British team has now been decided and is no less accomplished with a long list of top competition results. Team Captain Max Kirschner said, ‘It’s great to be…
May 23, 2016

Team Netherlands at WGC2017 Benalla

The Dutch will be sending six pilots to compete at Benalla. Alfred Alfers from Amsterdam will be competing in 15m Class. His home club is Amsterdam Club for Gliders (ACVZ) and is currently number 303 in the IGC Ranking. He has competed in several Dutch…
May 20, 2016
Coutts copy

New Zealand to send full team to Benalla

New Zealand is sending six pilots, two in each class, to WGC 2017 Benalla. Team Captain Julian Elder said, “It’s great to be bringing a full team to Benalla for the Worlds – a first for NZ in a long time” New Zealand is Australia’s closest gliding neighbour…
May 12, 2016

Austrian Team for WGC2017 Benalla Announced

The provisional Austrian Team for WGC 2017 Benalla has been announced. Austria will field five competitors in the three classes of competition. Werner Amann will fly in 15m Class. Werner’s home club is SFG Hohenems near the Austrian border with Switzerland.…
May 04, 2016

Help the Junior Gliding Team get to Lithuania

We have been lucky enough to be selected as the team that will represent Australia in the upcoming 20m World Gliding Championships, to be held in Lithuania between the 31st of July until 13th August of this year. This is also quite special as we are the first…
April 12, 2016

FAI Sailplane Grand Prix in Spain

The second Sailplane Grand Prix 2016 will begin on 17 April in the beautiful valley of Cerdanya in the eastern Pyrenees. The Cerdanya valley has a micro climate providing consistent and exciting conditions for gliding. At 3,000ft above sea level it is one of…
April 12, 2016

OSTIV Congress at WGC2017 Benalla

The 33rd Congress of the Organisation Scientific et Technique Internationale du Vol à Voile, (OSTIV) will be held at the WGC, Benalla, Australia from 8 to 13 January, 2017. The Congress addresses all scientific and technical aspects of soaring flight…
April 04, 2016

Australian Team for World Gliding Championships Lithuania announced

The World Gliding Championships will be held in Lithuania 30 July - 13 August 2016. The Australian Gliding team, will consist of six flying members.
March 09, 2016

Australian Team for WGC 2017 Benalla Announced

After strong performances in the Australian summer national gliding competitions, the Aussie team for WGC2017 Benalla has been decided. Bruce Taylor will fly in Open Class. Bruce has previously represented Australia at WGC Borlange in 1993, as well as…
March 04, 2016

Women's World Gliding Championships Lake Keepit

Terry Cubley EO attended the International Gliding Commission (IGC) meeting in Luxembourg and presented the bid for Lake Keepit to host the 2019 Women's World Gliding Championships. The bid was successful and championships will be held in November 2019. This…
March 04, 2016

World Gliding Championships Benalla

34th FAI World Gliding Championships, BenallaThe Australian Multiclass Nationals and Pre World Championships have now concluded and the countdown to WGC Benlla has begun.You can keep up to date with developments as they unfold and be part of the conversation…
March 04, 2016

JWGC2015 Closing Ceremony

After a sunny and cheerful medal and tropphy presentation the 9th JWGC was officially closed by Max Stevens. The FAI flag handed over to Karolios Mikalauskas the captain of the Lithuanian team where the 10th JWGC will be held.
March 04, 2016

Junior World Gliding Champions are

STANDARD CLASS Australian Matthew Scutter finished in 22nd place on the day but maintained his commanding lead of the field to win the Standard Class Championship by 255 points. Robin Smit of the Netherlands beat Matthew, coming in 18th for the day, and also…
March 04, 2016

Matt Scutter retained his large points lead after nervous end to difficult day

Sebastian Nagel from Germany preparing for launch 11 December. 'This is a tough competitionn.The conditions are tough, we are not usd to sm many competiton days in Europe.' Sebastian is proving himself to be a tough competitor in third place after 10 racing…
March 04, 2016

Robin Smit and Ronald Deerenberg win day at 158 kph

Robin Smit and Ronald Deerenberg from the Netherlands are the Standard Class joint winners of Day 9 with a lightning speed of 158 kph over the point to point task distance of 631.46 km. The two team members displayed incredible focus and discipline to muscle…
March 04, 2016

Matthew Scutter dominates Day 9 JWGC2015

The weather forecast at the beginning of the day showed highly unstable post trough conditions. Briefing was delayed by 45 minutes and it was uncertain if any tasks would be set at all. The tension was relieved when task sheets became available during the…
March 04, 2016

Dramatic finish to Day 7 JWGC2015

Dylan Lampard from Australia, flying in his first JWGC, won the day in Standard Class flying an LS8 with a speed of 104.56 km over 541.31 km. The day’s weather brought pre-frontal trough conditions with typical mixed air masses ahead of the trough. These…
March 04, 2016

Record Day for Junior World Gliding at JWGC2015

Mateusz Siodloczek from Poland just beat Joris Vainius from Lithuania to take first place for the day in Standard Class on a record breaking day at JWGC2015. Climbs to over 13,000 ft above ground level were achieved under scattered cumulus. Flying the 611.59…
March 04, 2016

JWGC 2105 Day 5 Another Great Competition Day

After all the scores were in I asked Competition Director Adam Webb about the day. He said, 'As we expected the weather has continued to heat up after the front went through earlier in the week.
March 04, 2016
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JWGC2015 Day 4 Success and rhythm

After watching the returning gliders on Day 4 I asked Operations Director Terry Cubley how he thought the day went. Terry said., 'Today you could begin to see that it was business as usual for the pilots. They were getting onto the rhythm. The griding was…
March 04, 2016

James Nugent youngest pilot to win day at World Gliding Championships

James Nugent today became the youngest pilot ever to win a World Gliding Competition day leading the pack in Club Class. He was followed by Nick Hanenburg from the Netherlands and Australian Joe O'Donnell. Matt Davis for Great Britain took first place in…
March 04, 2016

Fire like a magnet at JWGC Day 3

Fredderik Noddelund from Denmark finished fifth in Standard Class on Day three placing his seventh after two flying days of competition. Fredderik and several pilots were able to take advantage of a stubble fire perfectly placed on their task to help them…
March 04, 2016

Ailsa McMillan moves to fourth place as Czech pilots win day two in Standard Class

Pavel Trybenekr and Martin Piskacek from Czech Republic took the first two placesin Standard Class today. New Zealander Alex McCaw took third place on a day that was mostly blue, but with a stubble fire that provided a timely help to some pilots near the end…
March 04, 2016

JWGC2015 - Narromine Day 2 Ailsa McMillan starts well in Standard Class

Ailsa McMillan was the top Australian pilot on the day finishing in seventh place.It was a strong start to JWGC2015 with Poland and Germany taking the first four placesin Standard Class. Mateusz Siodloczek took first place with fellow Pole Jacek Flis…
March 04, 2016
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International Competition and Selection

New documents are now being produced with details of the selection requirements for the next cycle of competition. ITC Documents can be found under the Docs/Forms link on the top menu bar International Teams Committee The GFA International Teams Committee is…
March 04, 2016
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National Competition Committee

The NCC reports to the Sports Committee and is responsible for: Rules for National Competitions Organisers Guidelines Handicaps (through a sub-committee) Timing and location of events Related matters The NCC is comprised of a chairperson (who is a member of…
March 04, 2016
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Drugs in Sport

GFA is bound by a policy on drugs in sport which is a minimum requirement set by the Australian Sports Commission of which GFA is a member. GFA sanctioned events are required to uphold the standards therein and abide by the requirements. What follows is a…