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Welcome to the Gliding Federation of Australia

We invite you to join the Gliding Federation of Australia, or renew your membership, using the forms linked to below.

Click on this New Members link if you are joining for the first time


Click on this Renewing members link if you are an existing member renewing a current membership

If your previous membership ended more than two months ago, please join as a new member.

Renewing members will need to use the MyGFA process to renew membership, as we are now using a pre-populated form to speed the renewal process.  As a result, we have to identify you so that we can pre-poputate correctly.

The GFA has several categories of membership, but all basically in the same way:

  1. Full membership is for adult members.  It provides 12 month membership, including 6 copies of our bi-monthly magazine Gliding Australia (so you don't need to buy this separately), and includes a levy which is paid to the State Gliding Association that you are affiliated with through your gliding club membership.
  2. Youth/Student Membership is for young people under the age of 18, or full time students (at least 20 hours per week of course attendance) up to 26 years old.  It has exactly the same benefits and requirements of full adult membership.
  3. 3 month membership.  This is an introductory category for Australian residents and can be purchased once only, by people wishing to try gliding for the first time.  If you wish to continue after the three months, a full membership must be purchased.
  4. International visitors, who are members of an approved international gliding organisation or have an international gliding licence, May purchase international visitor membership in one month blocks. There is no limit to the number of blocks purchased or how often these are purchased.
  5. Non-Flying member - Active.  This applies to people who are maintenance engineers or ground instructors who do no flying. This category is also for tug pilots who don't fly gliders.  Members in this category MUST be a gliding club member.
  6. Non-flying member - Associate.  This applies to members who are acting as volunteers to assist clubs or competitions.  
  7. Australian Air Force Cadet (AAFC) or Air League membership.  This is a concessional rate for members of the AAFC only.

You MUST already be a member of a Gliding Club in order to be a Flying Member the GFA.  This is a requirement of our Articles of Association.  In the application form you will be asked to state the club that you belong to.

You don't need to log in in order to renew, and you don't have to wait for the anniversary of joining or for a renewal notice.  You can "top up" your membership at any time.  You can also buy more than one year of membership at current prices.  The advantage to you is that you have avoided price rises and there is no need to bother about membership renewals for the period, and the advantage to the GFA is that the administrative cost is less and we have money in the bank.  However there will be no refunds, so this option will be of most interest to those who are committed for the long term.

In order to fly a glider, you must have a certain level of medical fitness, and you will be asked to say what that status is.  There are three options:

  1. Hold a valid CASA Medical Certificate;
  2. Be assessed by a GP against the medical standards for the issue of a private motor vehicle driver’s licence; or
  3. Complete a self-declaration that you are fit to fly a glider

Medical Declaration Form - Pilot can be found in the Operations Forms section of the Document Library by clicking this link.  If you are making a self-declaration, then we don't need a separate form.

One of the first two options is necessary if you are an Instructor, a Charter pilot, or suffer from certain medical conditions listed in Section 3.2.2(d) of the GFA Operational Regulations.  Please note that you MUST provide the GFA with a copy of your medical documents - this can be done either by uploading the scanned documents using the File Upload button in the online renewal form, or by emailing the documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Members who are under 18 years MUST have medical documents signed by a parent or guardian.

A Medical Practitioner's Certificate can be found in the Operations Forms section of the Document Library by clicking the link.

While filling in the membership form you will be able to purchase your membership online, by credit card (Mastercard or Visa only), or bank transfer.  Please be aware that the GFA does NOT keep your credit card details when you purchase online.  You are transferred to a commercial Payment Gateway over an encrypted link, so your details are secure even from us!  

If you pay by credit card, you will have the benefit of immediate membership, while for other options you will not be a member until we receive your payment into our bank.  When you pay online, you will receive a receipt by email, and this receipt can be used as proof of membership while we process your membership and send you a membership card.