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There are a number of Sporting grants available at a Federal, State and local Government level that can be applied for by clubs.  Corporations, such as Holden, also provide grants to sporting clubs.  The time and effort involved in applying for grants can be of huge benefit to your club in obtaining funding. Grants can be for one off projects such as upgrades to facilities or towards life- saving equipment such as defibrillators.  We have had several clubs take the initiative in researching and applying for the grants available and their efforts have paid off. 



To make the process simpler for clubs, Grants available have been split into different categories with a brief explanation of the type of funding they provide and deadlines for submission of applications.  If you come across other grants that are not listed here, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know so that we can add them.


Federal Government funding-Community Development Grants Programme



We are currently working with almost 1000 active organisations with almost 1400 F4S fundraising projects. These, along with countless others have seen us raise over $300 million dollars for Australian Sport since 1986 when we first opened our doors. We hope we can help your club or organisation to raise more funds too.



This grant application opens with $10,000 on offer to successful clubs.

It is aimed at diversity and social inclusion eg females.
Any club planning to run women's courses or perhaps install a new toilet block may consider applying, $350,000 is on offer.
Applications open 6th September and are only open for 2 weeks.

Australian Sports Foundation-Giving4grassroots
Giving4Grassroots™ (G4G™) provides grants for community-based organisations to enable them to undertake activities and programs focused on increasing the participation of local community members in sport. The benefit of sports participation are well known and include healthier lifestyles, social inclusion and the development of teamwork and leadership skills.



Unity Grants
Applications open 6th February 2017

Unity Grants bring culturally diverse communities together to promote social cohesion and harmony.  Priority areas for Unity Grants are established each year prior to applications opening. Applications must address at least one of the identified priority areas.
Unity Grants of up to $30,000 are available to:
non-profit sharing community organisations
local councils in partnership with non-profit sharing community organisations. Eligibility criteria and excluded activities are clearly outlined in our Grants Program booklet, please take the time to review this prior to submitting an application. Please note only online applications will be considered.


Inclusive Participation Funding Program (IPFP)
Minister for Sport and Recreation, Yvette Berry, has announced $79,500 in funding through the 2016 Inclusive Participation Funding Program (IPFP). A total of 12 organisations will receive funding to support inclusive sport and active recreation opportunities.

Asset Repair and Maintenance Scheme (ARMS)
The primary objective of the ARMS is to provide financial assistance to organisations for facility repairs and maintenance, better support its participation in active lifestyles through the delivery of quality facilities for the benefit of the Canberra community. This program does not support "new" works (for consideration of new works refer to the Capital Assistance Program).


The Get Playing places and spaces provide funds to improve facilities and round 6 applications open 3rd July 2017.  Applications close 1st September 2017.


The Get Playing Plus program is specifically to fund improving infrastructure and proposals close 1st April 2016. Next round dates not yet confirmed.


Get Started Vouchers - funding to help young people participate

Your voucher can be used to help pay for club membership and/or participation fees. If the membership/participation fees are more than $150, the parent, guardian or carer will need to pay the difference. If the membership/participation fees are less than $150, the club will be reimbursed for the membership/participation fees only. The remaining amount is not provided as cash or as payment for individual items to participate in the activity (such as jerseys, boots etc.).





Brisbane City Council

Building Stronger Communities Grants Program
Applications for this grant will open on Monday 10 October 2016 and will close at midnight on Monday 6 February 2017.


The Building Stronger Communities Grants Program will provide funding to community-based, not-for-profit organisations to deliver projects that develop or improve their facilities, or improve their governance and long term organisational sustainability. The program provides funds to incorporated not-for-profit community organisations and networks, or unincorporated groups under the auspices of an incorporated not-for-profit organisation.

The Queensland Outdoor Recreation Foundation list Federal, State and Local Government grants as well as other funding agencies that are worth looking into.  

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) Community Benefit Funds Unit (CBFU) distributes revenue from gaming taxes to various not-for-profit community groups throughout Queensland.

We invite all eligible organisations to submit grant applications to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund during the application periods noted below.



The Regional Grants Scheme aims to support the provision of sport and active recreation activities in regional WA. It is tailored to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of regional sport and active-recreation groups within the nine diverse regions of Western Australia.


We support the purchase of furniture and equipment that meet your organisation’s needs. By way of example, grants can be for office items, telephone and filing systems, resource materials, whitegoods, toys, musical instruments and workshop tools.



Tasmanian Government Community Support Levy


Grant Round Two-Opens 1st February 2017
Grant Round Two is open from 1st February 2017 to 15th March 2017

The Minor Grants Program provides grants of between $500 and $10,000 to clubs, associations, local government and other not-for-profit providers of sport and active recreation.
The Sport and Recreation Minor Grants Program offers financial assistance towards equipment purchases and/or the development/improvement of facilities or playing surfaces that directly benefit sport and recreation clubs and improve opportunities for Tasmanian's to participate in sport and active recreation. Funding for this program is allocated from the Community Support Levy.
Eligible projects must benefit sport and/or recreation clubs. Applicants must contribute at least half of the project funding.

Major Grants Sport and Recreation

The Sport and Recreation Major Grants Program provides grants of between $15,000 and $80,000 to clubs, associations, local government and other not-for profit providers of sport and active recreation.
The Sport and Recreation Major Grants Program opens on 1 July 2016 and closes on 2 November 2016 at noon.


Active Club Program-Government of SA Office for Recreation and Sport-Opens 12th August 2017 to 23rd September 2017
The Active Club Program helps active recreation and sports clubs with:
program and equipment (up to $5,000)
facility upgrade requests up to $25,000 on a $1 for $1 basis.
It has two funding rounds per year:
1. facility requests and program and equipment (Round 43),
2. program and equipment requests only (Round 44).


Clubs SA/IGC Sponsorship Assistance Program

Together with the Independent Gaming Corporation (IGC), Clubs SA invites non gaming Clubs and community organisations to apply for Project Grants via its Sponsorship Assistance Program.




Community Sports Infrastructure Fund-currently Closed
The Community Sports Infrastructure Fund provides grants for planning, building new, and improving existing facilities where communities conduct, organise and participate in sport and recreation

Significant Sporting Events Program

The Significant Sporting Events Program helps sporting, community and event organisations to deliver significant sporting events in Victoria.
Applications close 28 February 2018.

Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program

The Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program provides Victorian sporting clubs with the opportunity to acquire an automated external defibrillator (also known as an ‘AED’) for their club or sports facility.
Successful applicants receive an ‘Automated External Defibrillator Package’. The package includes a high quality defibrillator, some basic training and a minimum of five years of essential maintenance. This package will be provided by a qualified contractor engaged by the Department of Health and Human Services.
Applications currently closed


Sport and Active Recreation grants for facilities and equipment

You can apply for grants up to $100,000 toward your organisation's facilities and equipment once a financial year.
This is called the Facility and Capital Equipment Program.
The program aims to:
increase participation opportunities
create facilities which are safe and environmentally friendly
create multipurpose facilities.

Applications currently closed


Holden Home Ground Advantage

For more information and to apply for a grant, please head to http://www.holden.com.au/about/home-ground-advantage

Applications are currently closed

Every sporting club in Australia will have access to a $1600.00 subsidy. This will enable sporting clubs to safeguarded their players, spectators & coaches with the most comprehensive defibrillator program. Program Cost to clubs- $2600.00 (Cost of program without subsidy – $4200.00)

Clubs, groups and not-for-profit organisations are the lifeblood of towns like Blackwater. Volunteers run the social events, sporting and recreational opportunities that make a real difference to the quality of our lives. Applications for 2nd round close 28/10/2016, 3rd round close 10/02/2017