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New Gliding Australia
Welcome to Gliding Australia
Gliding is for everyone
Gliding is an exhilarating, spectacular yet serene flying experience
Club-based community
Gliding can be enjoyed at your own pace to suit your lifestyle
Develop your skills
Continue to develop your skills and experience cross country soaring
or experience the excitement of aerobatics
For all types of pilots
Many glider pilots have backgrounds in commercial aviation, hang gliding, paragliding, RA and general aviation
From all walks of life
Glider pilots come from many different working environments and lifestyles
'For there you have been
'and there you long to return.'
Alilsa McMillan Day Winner wwgc2017

Junior World Gliding Championships - Three…

Australia is fielding a team of three pilots for the Junior World…

GFA AGM 26th and 27th August

The GFA AGM is being held on the last weekend in August in Melbourne.…
GFA Awards

GFA Awards Call for Nominations

The GFA Awards which will be presented at the GFA Awards dinner in…
wwgc closing 1 w

Australia takes the FAI flag to Lake Keepit for…

Julie Maddocks accepting the transfer of the FAI flag (I wonder where…
wwgc w

WWGC 2017 over next stop WWGC Lake Keepit 2019

Ailsa McMillan flew 286km at 95kph on the final day of WWGC 2017 and…
Ailsa Day Win 1 June

Long Glides in the Blue at WWGC

Ailsa McMillan receiving her awards for her 3rd Day Win at WWGC 2017…
Day 11 webcam 11am

WWGC Day 11 Club Class Task

Webcam image from Zbraslavice 11am local time 2 June After ten days…
WWGC 2017 01Jun

Ailsa McMillan wins third day at WWGC and…

Ailsa McMillan won a third day at the WWGC to hold out German Sabrina…

Matthew Scutter three day wins a Hahnweide

Matthew Scutter and Adam Woolley competed in the Hahneweide…
Alilsa McMillan Gridr wwgc2017

Ailsa McMillan wins day at WWGC

Ailsa McMillan won Day Six at the Women’s World Gliding Championships…
Development meeting team April 17

Soaring into the Future

From L to R, Steve Pallas Sports Community, Ian Caldwell CMD, Tighe…

News from the International Team Committee (ITC)

The 2016/17 ITC selection ended with the completion of the 20m Class…